A firm with a vision and a commitment to

International Certified Public Accounting
& Management Consulting.

AMF_Experts is an International Certified Public Accounting and Management Consulting firm with a vision and a commitment to excellence. Since 2004, AMF_ Experts has been providing to public, private, and non-governmental organizations complete business solutions including Accounting, External Independent Financial Audit, Internal Auditing, and Management Consulting Services.
Our mission is to accompany economic decision makers in drawing maximum utility relative to financial information while providing professional assurance as to their required reliability in support of effective governance and optimal risk management practice.
The strength of AMF_Experts resides not only in its state of the art technical capability but in the harmony and balance it achieves in combining its competitiveness with strong ethical values of integrity, independence, and objectivity.

Leadership Team

AMF_Experts is managed by a group of professionals specialized in Internal Control, Audit, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information System, Project Management, Business Process Design, and Restructuring. Each member of our senior leadership team detains at least a Masters' degree: MS, MBA, MEE, and MPA from renowned institutions in North America or Europe. They also have acquired at least twenty years of experience in their field of expertise.

Gabriel Zephir, MBA, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFSA, CPAH – Managing Partner

Management, Strategic Planning, Accounting, Internal and External Audit.
Mr. Gabriel Zephir is a Certified Public Accountant registered in the State of New York, USA. Mr. Zephir detains a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Manhattan College, NY-USA, a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Montreal, Canada. 
Mr. Zephir has occupied high ranking positions within the Haitian Public Administration including Director General of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Advisor on Governance as a cabinet member to the Minister of Justice and Public Security. Mr. Zephir's efforts contributed to Haiti's adherence to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force. He conceived the institutional framework for the implementation of the Central Financial Intelligence. Mr. Zephir was a member of the first Provisional Committee responsible for Control and Restructuring the failing National Bank of Credit (BNC). Mr. Zephir is a founding member, past President and current Executive Director of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Haiti, IIA-Haiti. He teaches Internal Auditing at the University of Quisqueya — Haiti in the Master Degree Program in Auditing and Control.

Jean Raymond Desruisseaux, ING, MPA, CHMM – Partner

Jean Raymond Desruisseaux developed an expertise in operations management, environmental risk, and quality control, with specialization in environmental risk management. He has developed operational and quality assurance standards in the implementation of solutions to optimize risk management relative to products and chemical substances used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
During his career, Mr. Desruisseaux occupied upper management positions within several firms located in the State of Illinois, the USA including Director of Operation of a Large Environment Management Group and Vice President of an Environment Risk Consultant Group.
Mr. Desruisseaux detains a Master’s in Public Administration from Governor State University, University Park, Illinois and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Desruisseaux also completed higher-level studies in Environmental Engineering, Geology, and Hydrology.

Nadine C. Zephir, ING, MEE, MBA – Partner

Ms. Nadine C. Zephir has over twenty-five years of managerial experience in the telecommunications. Ms. Zephir's expertise is in Technology and Network Planning, Project Management, Operations, Marketing, Sales and Customer Care. She has occupied several upper management positions with worldwide communication giants, including Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Director of Several Technical Departments–Operations, and Network & Technology Planning.
Ms. Zephir detains a Master in Business Administration from the Long Island University, NY-USA and a Master in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College, NY, USA where she also obtained her Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. In addition, Ms. Zephir completed Post Graduate Executive Leadership Development Program at Wharton University, PA. She is a past president of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) — New York Chapter.
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